shooting at mill farm clap pigeon club


Shooting from 10am until 2pm fortnightly.

Fibre Wad Cartridge only please!

Sorry, No Pump Action Shotguns

Shooting Fees Members Price Non-Member Price
70 Bird Sporting £24.00 £27.00
50 Bird Sporting £18.00 £21.00
Sport Trap £ 9.50 £10.50
Engish Skeet £ 8.50 £ 9.50
We stock a small range of Cartridges with sight of a shot gun certificate please.
12 Bore 28 gram £ 7.50
12 Bore 21 gram £ 7.50
20 Bore 21 gram £ 8.00
.410 £ 8.00
Gun hire
We have a small range of 12 Bores, 20 Bores & .410’s to hire
Gun hire £ 3.50
All juniors 16 years and under receive free membership and half price shooting (member price)

Sporting Layout

We have 7 sporting stands with varying targets, these are changed to challenge you on every fortnightly visit. You can choose a 70 bird or a 50 bird card to be shot in any order to suit you.

Sport Trap

Our Sport Trap layout is very popuar amongst the regulars

Sportrap is essentially a miniaturised English Sporting course, the name being a combination of ‘sporting’ and ‘trap’. It is shot from five stands spaced a few feet apart in a line but with shooting cages like English Sporting. Five traps are placed on the layout which throw varying targets, and are labelled A to E.

Shooting goes from left to right. Each stand has a menu telling the shooter what targets they will be shooting at.

Each shooter shoots a single target, then each gets an on-report pair, and finally each gets a simultaneous pair. Once the final pair is shot, each shooter moves one stand right (stand 5 moves to 1) and the sequence is repeated totalling 25 clays per shooter.

sport trap at Mill Farm
sport trap shooting at Mill Farm

sport trap at Mill Farm


We have a full size skeet layout

English Skeet is a fixed layout with 2 trap houses with set angles and speeds, one high and one low 40 metres apart, usually shot in squads. There are normally 7 stands around a semicircular arc layout and the clays are thrown in a specific sequence from each stand to a total of 25 clays per shooter. Singles and/or doubles for each squad member in turn per stand, until all have completed, they then move to the next stand. There are other skeet disciplines with varying rules, Olympic Skeet and American (NSSA) Skeet.

skeet at Mill Farm
seet at Mill Farm